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When you think gypsum think persian
Why Chose Us

Persian Limited can today be classified as one of the leading companies in interior d├ęcor. With experience spanning from 1990 and a highly motivated workforce, we can practically tackle any project no matter the size or time limit we are proud that we can deliver.

We are a company dedicated to innovations and proud to bring real quality to the Maltese Market. Our main objective is to be a leading force in providing genuine products and excellent after sales service. For the last eighteen years we have been a fundamental force for many major projects, which we have successfully completed with utmost care and within stipulated time frames.

Whether it is a major project or a direct client we give individual attention to details and unique specifications. Being your new home, office, shop or major project, luxurious apartments, or five star hotels you can always count on us for your needs our team of professionals is at your request.

Our company is now penetrating the North African market with its products and high skilled work force.

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